OpnTrip is a platform for storytellers, poets & for every single creative person who wants to share their voice with the audience. Here at OpnTrip we are working hard to provide such a platform for people so that they can share their life experiences, stories of their journies, their poems, their stories every single thing which can be useful for others & they can take a lesson from it.

OpnTrip is the platform not only for storytellers it is for storytellers as much as for listeners. We are trying to create such a platform where anyone can upload their creativity in the form of their voice on OpnTrip and can reach to a larger & specific audience.

In creating such a huge platform we need a small contribution from every creative soul in this earth, upload your own life experiences, motivational speeches, kids stories, rhymes, poems & whatever you think is sharable with others so that others can also enjoy the same upload it on & if you want you can mail your content to us at We'll listen your content & if found appropriate we'll make available for the world.